Luxury SPA heated lounger with SICIS glass mosaic

Luxury SPA heated lounger for hotels, spas and private saunas

SPA loungers for hotels, wellness areas and private saunas

The mild radiant heat over the tile with its unique beneficial effect for our well-being. Perfectly shaped relaxation in a luxury class lounger. Timeless design, ergonomic shape, easy-care durability – these heated lounge loungers are true works of art that perfectly complement a private spa oasis or upscale hotel SPA area. SICIS®: Due to the noble, handmade Italian glass mosaic, the lounger shines in a special brilliance from every viewing direction. Choose from 192 different glass mosaic designs here. Some designs are available at an additional cost. Also handmade is the coating with microcement, which gives the couch a special feel (different colors are available) Sicis Mosaic: Colibri Collection Epoxy special grout selected according to tile surface best possible Power heating: 459W, 230V Temperature freely adjustable With LED lighting around the base and a handmade micro-cement coating (color selectable). Dimensions: Length 159cm, width 81cm, height 106cm Weight: only 80kg Art. no.: 4301001000

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Handmade micro cement coating

Microcement is a two-component system of polymers and cement. You can choose the surface in different colors. The microcement is applied by hand. For this reason, it should be accepted by the customer that slight irregularities and minimal defects may appear when working with a plastic material. Microcement is a handmade product that is uniquely manufactured and not mass-produced. Differences in color shades, and/or color concentration should be considered valuable elements of the work – not flaws. Microcement surfaces exposed to sharp or pointed loads (chairs, furniture, high heels, etc.) may suffer scratches or marks. Although the microcement surface has excellent resistance, they have similar characteristics to wooden floors, and should be treated accordingly. Scratches may occur on the microcement coating. The smoother and more uniform the surface, the higher the likelihood of usage-related scratches being visible on it. These problems and deficiencies can be easily circumvented with the choice of color and an inconsistent, uneven choice of finish – but also with adequate, proper care. Even if the treatment with a sealer protects the floor from rapid penetration of accidental spills, it should still be remembered that all liquids, especially liquids commonly used in the household, such as wine, oil, vinegar or coffee, should be removed from all surfaces as quickly as possible, so that they can in no case penetrate the surface. CARE Recommendations and suggestions to keep the micro cement pavement clean and beautiful: – Cleaning the microcement border is simple: here it is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth with a little neutral, foam-free detergent. – It is recommended to regularly treat the surface with protective agents based on self-polishing waxes in water (such as Ideal Cera). Care products that are based on soap, acid, ammonia, chlorine or other based corrosive agents are strictly prohibited for treatment. Use only UNAGGRESSIVE, pH-neutral care products.

Handmade coating from real metal

Luxurious and durable: Strong and durable, yet lightweight metal surface coating with luxurious appearance.
Each design has its own distinctive style.
You can order the couch in different metal alloys. GOLD, BRONZE, COPPER, IRON Please contact us for this purpose. Email:
After ordering, you will receive the Colibri tile sample folder. So you can order your individual couch. Online you can view the tiles here: SICIS Colibri Collection
Inquire with us by email and tell us your wishes and quantity: