Hotel SPA Loungers. INFRAROUS LIES for wellness areas

Exclusive infrared heat couches from SOLEUM®.

NEW at SOLEUM®: HEATED LIES for hotel SPA’s, private wellness areas and living rooms

Hotel SPA couches in stunning design and functionality. The new exclusive infrared heat recliners with adjustable temperature are functional works of art suitable for any environment.

Unique warming couches that provide comfort and style in any environment.
A complete range of these couches is available to match any interior style.  Whether tiled heated loungers, heated loungers made of concrete or micro-cement coating, marble heated loungers or infrared loungers with large format tiles, you can get all exclusive heated wellness loungers for your wellness area from us.

However, the loungers not only make a good impression in the hotel SPA area but are also perfect for upscale hotel suites. Impress the guest and give the luxury suite an extra “upgrade”.



Tiled Hotel SPA loungers with luxury glass mosaic from SICIC® only at SOLEUM®.

Tiled warming couches are produced at SOLEUM according to the customer’s or architect’s choice. For this we prefer to use the noble glass mosaic collection of SICIS®. The luxury glass mosaics are laid by us in color-coordinated EPOXY resin grout!

The side surfaces can be covered with stone slabs or large format tiles. In the example of our exclusive RED ROSE wellness couch, a white seamless micro-cement was used on the sides.

Here you can see our GEfliesten heat couches

Whether private SPA, private living area or luxury hotel industry

Each of our couches is elaborately handcrafted in our manufactory according to your color and material design. Configure our heated spa beds to fit your SPA project.

Für die gehobene Wellnessbereiche bieten wir Betonliegen (Betonoptik) oder hochwertige geflieste Liegen im Gesamtkonzept an

Mit einer optisch ansprechenden Feuerbox machen die Beton(optik)liegen mit der dimmbaren LED Beleuchtung einen guten Auftritt. Beeindruckend stehen Sie im Raum und laden nicht nur die Blicke zu sich ein. Fühlen, Sitzen und Hinlegen ist hier angesagt und erwünscht!

Beheizte Liegen aus Beton-Beschichtung (Mikrozement)

Wir produzieren Betonliegen mit einer Schichtdicke von nur 3mm! Dadurch haben diese lediglich ein Gewicht von nur ca. 70kg!

Wir geben diesem Möbelstück durch die händische Beschichtung von Mikrozement eine tolle Betonoptik. Individuell nach Verarbeiter und Muster ergeben sich individuelle Strukturen. Verschiedene Farben sind hier möglich.

We offer OVERLAYs at the couch. An overlay is an additional coating with a design element. This can be a hotel logo or a corporate logo – commercial or private branding.

We give the couch a great concrete look by hand coating micro cement. Individual structures result according to the processor and pattern.

For LUXURY SPA areas…..


elegance and luxury

Luxury warming couch

The Flying Carpet is a luxurious tiled warming couch from SOLEUM®. Exclusive glass mosaic and gold coating on the side with overlay.
A noble eye-catcher in oriental style. Due to the lounger architecture with a gentle swing, the lounger fits into any luxurious wellness and sauna environment. However, it is also an exclusive piece of furniture and finds your place also in living rooms, lofts, foyers or even in corporate buildings for power napping.


Heated infrared CONCRETE FLOORS

Purist – white concrete

A warming couch of a different kind. Puristic and noble becomes the sober white micro-cement on this wellness couch.
With its grace of a pearl and the innocent white of the snowflake, it trumps other designs, noticeably.
If you then touch the surface, the first admiration sets in.
An external coolness should not tempt that this beautiful specimen, will not pamper them with a thoroughly pleasant warmth from the inside.
Self-regulating, they can adjust the desired temperature, and relax on it in the best way and make room for their dreams.

Option “Snowflakes”: The finest craftsmanship adorn this model.

The infrared radiation of the heat couch has an effect on health, just like sun radiation does. The radiation can promote blood circulation, help with colds as well as tension or rheumatism and help with skin problems. Set a temperature that you find comfortable (slightly above blood temperature). However, the setting can be made in a very wide range of 30-45°C. A good standard value is about 37°C.

A handmade couch in concrete look white, which always integrates neutrally into any room concept.




WOODON – our heated CHALET wellness couch

A feeling of being close to nature is what they feel when they relax on our special kind of warming couch. Warm oak wood encases the heated infrared couch and on the surface you warm yourself on seamless concrete.

The finest craftsmanship characterizes our product.

Give yourself up to a deceleration of the extra class.
Whether in a private or hotel environment, our heated wellness lounger, by its natural nature, can take root anywhere.

Perfectly fits into luxury chalets, hotel rooms in country style, but of course also in the rustic wellness area.

More about WOODON wellness couch
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SOLEUM was founded in Austria and is an Austrian innovator with over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality spa solutions. The company offers a unique blend of modern technology and traditional healing concepts, specializing in the manufacture of luxurious heated loungers and innovative saunas for discerning clients, luxury hotels and upscale spa facilities around the world.

Soleum is known for its custom designs and pre-assembled units (BAUSÄTZE) tailored to individual needs and can deliver worldwide.

You have the possibility to purchase the necessary components (SPA MODULE) for a steam bath as well as the sophisticated technology from us or have a pre-produced cabin made to measure delivered or also assembled by us (at a certain distance).


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