Outdoor sauna SOLEUM – The steam sauna for outdoor use.

Outdoor sauna, outdoor SPA from SOLEUM

Outdoor sauna as a steam bath - the ingenious OUTDOOR SPA

Outdoor sauna SOLEUM® – The steam sauna for outdoor use

Unique and with many advantages presents the steam sauna for outdoor use from Soleum®. It is also a marine climate cabin!


  • SEA CLIMATE CABIN (SOLEUM®) with thalassotherapy

But what is a marine climate cabin? Below you can learn more about the benefits, the place of use and the optional options with which you can equip the wellness cabin. More health benefits and all in one cabin!

What is the marine climate cabin?

The marine climate cabin is a TEPIDARIUM in its basic configuration with the possibility of inhaling moist salt mist.

It creates an absolutely humid sea climate in the cabin-similar to a very intense sea spray-and it does it in just a few minutes!

You sit on heated, comfortable benches, enjoy the infrared radiant heat in the cabin and inhale salty air to boot. SEA CLIMATE:  Thalassotherapy is called inhaling moist brine mist. The health benefits of brine inhalation are explained here: Thalassotherapy inhalation of sea climate


Salt therapy is divided into two main categories: Treatments with moist/wet salt and those with dry salt.


A tepidarium is a warm room with temperatures between 30° C and 40° C . usually similar to the body temperature of humans.

The humidity is low to medium. The visitor should only warm up slowly and carefully and above all relax.To support this, soft background music can be played in the SOLEUM.

In the SOLEUM (models such as OMEGA, EGG or ELLIPSE), all surfaces are electrically heated and can be controlled separately. SMART – via cell phone, PC or tablet. Either near the cabin or from the outside – the cabin can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world as long as the cabin is also connected to the Internet.

OUTDOOR SPA: steam bath for outdoor use

STEAM OPERATION in cold climates

Field of application of the outdoor SPA : place of installation, climatic zones

The basic equipment of the marine climate cabin is a tepidarium, which allows to reach temperatures around 37°C inside the cabin.  In frost-free areas, the use of the tepidarium is sufficient because it is mainly the benefit of brine inhalation. In all country zones where lower temperatures can be, the use of the optional steam generator is absolutely necessary to be able to maintain the required internal temperatures. Read more here: Use of steam technology.

At 100% humidity and approx. 45-47°C (adjustable) you will sweat profusely. The preheating time depends on the outside temperature and is about 30-40 minutes.

The steam generator is located directly behind the cabin in the “technical area”. You will need a 1/2″ frost-proof water supply line (cold water) to the booth. The steam generator requires a 400V connection (also possible with 230V)

Halotherapy: Dry salt inhalation option

In dry form, the salt has the strongest healing effect on respiratory organs and skin. Microscopically fine salt particles are blown into the SOLEUM® using a patented technique. The size of the salt particles is similar to that in the natural salt tunnels: 1 to 5 mµ, therefore the particles, which are inhaled in the form of tiny crystals, can reach deep into the lungs and reach all bronchial tubes.

Salt has been known for many centuries as a natural remedy for body, mind and soul. Most importantly, it can help you breathe better again, which is why it is an excellent form of therapy for respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis, and dry salt inhalation can also help with allergies.

The cure with dry salt, also called “halotherapy”, often takes place in so-called salt caves or salt caves, where the salty air is inhaled.


A steam bath for outdoor use was previously difficult or impossible. The water for the steam generator and for the shower must be led to the cabin in a frost-proof manner. However, SOLEUM® has managed to control the cabin intelligently. Numerous sensors measure the temperatures in the outdoor area, in the technical area and in the cabin. Even at sub-zero temperatures, the cabin is regulated so that it always has PLUS degrees and thus no icing problem can arise. However, the booth must never be disconnected from the power supply.

Marine climate cabins and steam baths for outdoor use are delivered in one piece, fully assembled!  Delivery costs are included in the offer and are requested on a daily basis.

The following requirements must be met on site:

  • Lay heavy current (380-400V, 50HZ) to the steam cabin
  • Make drain DN40
  • Establish frost-free water supply to the booth (cold water or hot/cold water as required).
  • Internet connection (can also be done via SIM cards – not included in our scope of delivery!-)

Ask for our price list. The best way is to describe us your project and the place of installation. We will be happy to advise you!

The SOLEUM® outdoor steam baths