SOLEUM marine climate cabin OMEGA

Marine climate cabin OMEGA

SOLEUM SPA for indoor and outdoor use

The OMEGA marine climate cabin is round, futuristic and stylish. This wellness and treatment cabin was designed for residential and commercial use. Due to the special round shape and the types of treatment such as brine inhalation in combination with colored light, this product becomes an imposing eye-catcher at your site.

The sea climate cabin is the new trendy SPA highlight for:

  • Hotels
  • Health hotels
  • Thermal baths
  • Therapy businesses
  • Health spas
  • Municipal operations (e.g. public swimming pools)
  • SPA Villas
  • Day SPA, Fitness Studios
  • Pool areas

See here the application of the cabin:


  • OPTION Steam operation (water inlet must be frost-proof for outdoor installation)
  • OPTION Dry salt inhalation (halotherapy)
  • OPTION scent burial via the steam (in connection with the steam generator).

  • OPTION (for private customers) : Shower fitting


Dry salt inhalation:

In dry form, the salt has the strongest healing effect on respiratory organs and skin. Microscopically fine salt particles are blown into the SOLEUM® using a patented technique.

Inhalation of the dry salt stimulates the self-cleansing power of the mucous membranes. The effect is anti-inflammatory, germicidal, decongestant and relaxes the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract. Ventilation and breathing is improved. The entire skin surface also benefits from the fine salt therapy, skin inflammation and itching are significantly reduced.


Finely atomized, diluted, non-iodized brine is sprayed in the Soleum®. We call this sea air -thalassotherapy – for “real” thalassotherapy there are clearly defined regulations. However, despite its name, thalassotherapy is not a “therapy” in the medical sense, because it is part of the wellness sector and is intended to support medical therapies. Thalasso in the wellness area is only for relaxation.

The moist brine inhalation is not only good for breathing, but also for the whole skin. The salt on the skin increases sweating, purification, cleanses, nourishes and has an extremely positive effect on problematic skin.

Presentation at the fair AQUANALE in Cologne, November 2019

The marine climate cabin was presented to an international trade audience for the first time.

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