Steam bath technology cost

Steam bath technology cost

If you are considering the construction of a steam bath then, of course, the steam bath technology costs are also primarily an issue.

The most common questions you should or will ask yourself:

Does the size of the cabin affect the damfbadtechnik cost?

As in many areas, the cost increases with the size of the steam room. However, the cost of the steam bath technology used (except for the heating mats) remains almost the same, because it makes little difference whether the steam bath is now, for example, 100x100cm small or 200x200cm large. Technical box, light, the steam generator is mostly the same, our brine nebulization technology is so strong that it works best from small cabins to large steam cabins….

What steam bath technology do I absolutely need and what are the options?

You need a white light, a steam generator, heating mats on each surface you want to heat, eventually then our high quality brine fogging technology, colored light, the control box,…  this technical steam bath equipment remains the same. What changes then, depending on the size, is the heated area and therefore the cost.

The following products are mandatory

Steam bath heating mats

Sensor protection tube

78,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath technology

Steam bath technique box

1.410,00  inkl. MWSt.
2.260,00 3.690,00  inkl. MWSt.

What options or alternative accessories are available?

As a visual, beautiful accessory, we recommend the use of colored light lamps which will create a beautiful atmosphere for you in the steam bath.

Furthermore there is then the possibility by a aroma pump pleasant scents into the steam sauna (via the steam pipe). We offer here in our online store numerous steam bath fragrances and containers (1 liter, 5 liters) for this purpose.

Our Solenebler is an option that creates a significant healthy added value for you! Nebulize with it 1-3% brine solution and tea varieties (chamomile tea, peppermint tea, thyme tea, sage tea).

Tip: Dissolve the salt immediately in a liter of tea then you have a multiple health effect.

Our starry sky, which is incorporated into the steam bath ceiling or dome, provides you with a special additional visual attraction. Here we do not take fiber optic cables to produce not many “weak points” in the ceiling but those new starry sky with LED Technnologie, installation sleeves and sealing rings!

Stainless steel switches in the booth: We recommend the use of stainless steel switches in the booth. You can use it to switch the steam generator ON/OFF from the inside, to switch the brine fogging ON/OFF, and for example to switch the duplicate fuel pump or even a niche light. So you don’t have to operate switches in front of the booth and let steam out of the booth unnecessarily. We do not recommend steam bath displays in the cabin! We had also used these in the past, but unfortunately made the experience that these do not withstand the steam operation and brine operation in the long term. The stainless steel switches we have been using for a long time now are vandal-proof and correspondingly robust. These can not become defective, so to speak!

The following products are optional

1.490,00  inkl. MWSt.
25,00 130,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath technology

Fragrance pump metering pump

298,00  inkl. MWSt.

Chinaware or brand quality?

Important and, of course, the bigger chunk of the steam bath technology is, of course, the steam generator. However, this is the heart of a steam bath and should serve you for years. Of course, you can save here and buy from various “online stores” that have nothing to do with the actual steam bath construction, but offer a lot of technology from China and Co. The steam generators from China are of course cheaper but logically not comparable with the European steam bath technology that we offer.

We also had “this and various experiences” with it many years ago (product changes, spare parts problems, display problems..).

Our high quality steam generators

2.260,00 3.690,00  inkl. MWSt.
3.100,00 3.640,00  inkl. MWSt.

We have attached here a “sample offer” with the usual steam bath technology costs. In this form you will also receive from us the offers, clearly presented with the technical information about it.

This is a kind of price list for you as a clear representation of the steam bath technology costs-this does not include “custom cabin”! Steam bath elements/SPA modules such as seat forms, couches, walls, steam bath dome,. and possible pre-production costs (if requested) are not included in the sample offer.

If you would like a concrete overall offer, we need the following information from you:

  • PLAN / sketch with desired equipment
  • Your address, email and phone number
  • With or without mounting
  • Material only or total offer
  • see our expansion stages

The heating mats are charged according to the actual m2 – you can calculate this approximately on your steam bath.

ALTERNATIVE POSITIONS are not included and represent only the possible options in the offer.

Rely on our 20+ years of expertise in steam bath construction, as we can not only assist you in making the right steam bath technology decision but also provide support and steam bath design (upon award of contract) for the construction of your steam bath.

SOLEUM GmbH Sample price list steam bath technologyView/download PDF file

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