EPS Modules – Customized Manufacturing

EPS modules (SPA modules) – for the construction of wellness facilities and drywall construction

Production made in Austria – in Pregarten Upper Austria!

For DIYers who want to build a steam bath themselves, we offer our SOLEUM EPS modules, which we use ourselves in the construction of our steam baths and wellness areas. With these crative EPS modules you can assemble your steam bath individually or also have it prefabricated by Soleum GmbH.

Whether steam bath seats, steam bath couches, or wellness couches with infrared heat (free-standing in the room). The combination possibilities and areas of application are very versatile.

Advantages of EPS modular construction

  • quickly built up (no bricklaying and dusting)
  • easy to edit or change
  • Cost-effective (as a lot of working time is eliminated).
  • perfect base for the steam bath heating
However, the EPS modules or EPS molded parts can be used not only in the steam bath or steam shower, but are also ideal for drywall construction . Whether wellness area, living room or bathroom, curved, organic shapes are always eye-catching.
You can find an overview of the available SPA modules in the SHOP of Soleum!

In the following picture you can see the correct system structure of a steam bath seat

Steam bath heating mats made to measure for steam baths and EPS modules

These steam bath heating mats are mesh heating mats for aggressive areas and in epoxy resin flooring.
Installation in tile adhesive and mortar beds, as well as in epoxy resin flooring.
Aggressive areas are rooms in which highly concentrated cleaning agents are used, such as public baths, paint shops, but also rooms with a brine atmosphere, e.g. SOLEUM, healing galleries. Here it is necessary to use heating cables that are resistant to chemical stress. Such heating cables are further required when these are installed in EPS modules (our SPA modules) e.g. wellness beds.

270,00  inkl. MWSt.

Combine the seat modules

Whether small shower cabins or up to larger steam baths – with the SPA modules from SOLEUM you have enormous possibilities. Some of the EPS seat shapes can be combined in any way to create exciting shapes, steam baths or creative design elements for living spaces – according to your requirements!

See here clearly the possibilities of combinations. Ultimately, your room dimensions are the specification for the particular combination.

Order steam bath benches in SHOP

Shower seat

Shower bench BT.A

1,20  inkl. MWSt. by volume (LxDxH)

Shower seat

Shower seat BT.B

1,20  inkl. MWSt. by volume (LxDxH)
2,30  inkl. MWSt. volume calculation (qt)
3,90  inkl. MWSt. in cm (100cm is MINIMUM CALCULATION)

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