Snail shower kit

Snail shower kit from EPS – for the private bathroom or wellness areas.

Are you planning to build a snail shower yourself?

Production made in Austria – in Pregarten Upper Austria!

With our “snail shower kit” this is easy and fast. In the past, showers were built with time-consuming brick or aerated concrete, but today, as in every hotel and spa, they use EPS material. A perfect insulation (if you also want to heat this barrier-free shower with special heating mats / infrared radiant heat).

We produce individual custom snail showers with niches (eg for lighting or shelves) or even with seating (shower seat). If you close the shower with a suitable cover and add a glass door, you can also extend it to a steam bath or SOLEUM. You can get the desired steam bath technology from us in the SHOP.

Quickly build your wellness shower in your bathroom – simply foam the parts together with assembly foam, net (with textile glass grid), seal (1-2 component sealing coat) and then tile as desired. A quick to create shower experience at low cost since you also normally do not need a shower door. When building a new house, also consider accessibility! If the entrance of the shower is large enough, it can also be wonderfully used as a handicapped accessible shower

Advantages of EPS snail shower

  • with tongue and groove system
  • Wall thickness 10cm !
  • Low weight
  • quickly erected in contrast to aerated concrete blocks or bricked
  • easy to process and yet stable due to subsequent crosslinking
  • heat insulating
  • 2-piece, height up to 240cm
  • low shipping weight

Scope of delivery of a snail shower kit

EPS snail shower is supplied in some larger pieces (varies according to size) – these can be quickly set up. The “kit” we are the SPA modules (steam bath benches, steam bath couches,..) is netted with textile glass mesh (fiberglass mesh), sealed and then tiled.

Build snail shower yourself


Snail shower kit made of EPS up to about 200/200cm, height up to 240cm,

We ship the kit with freight forwarding!

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VIDEO - round shower quickly installed

We manufacture the screw shower in all conceivable variants and dimensions – contact us for this purpose.
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