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EPS snail shower
Are you planning to build a snail shower from EPS yourself?

With our check shower kit, it’s easy and fast. In the past, showers were built with time-consuming brick or aerated concrete, but today, as in every hotel and spa, they use EPS material. A perfect insulation (if you also want to heat this barrier-free shower with special heating mats / infrared radiant heat).
Quickly build your wellness shower in your bathroom – simply foam the parts together with assembly foam, net (with textile glass mesh), seal (1-2 component sealing coat) and then tile as desired. A quick to create shower experience at low cost since you also normally do not need a shower door. When building a new house, also consider accessibility! If the entrance of the shower is large enough it can also be used wonderfully as a handicapped accessible shower!
We produce individual custom snail showers with niches (eg for lighting or shelves) or even with seating (shower seat). If you close the shower with a suitable cover and add a glass door, you can also extend it to a steam bath or SOLEUM. You can get the desired steam bath technology from us in the SHOP.