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Steam bath heating mats made to measure for steam baths and SPA modules
These steam bath heating mats are mesh heating mats for aggressive areas and in epoxy resin flooring.
Installation in tile adhesive and mortar beds, as well as in epoxy resin flooring.
Aggressive areas are rooms in which highly concentrated cleaning agents are used, such as public baths, paint shops, but also rooms with a brine atmosphere, e.g. SOLEUM, healing galleries. Here it is necessary to use heating cables that are resistant to chemical loads. Such heating cables are further required when these are installed in EPS modules (our SPA modules) e.g. wellness beds.
Steam bath heating mats made to measure
You can also order customized heating mat shapes from us – Fitting your wall and EPS seat module.The heating mats are applied to the pre-set EPS modules.

The price is per square meter and includes the heating mat dimensional plan for it. For this purpose it is important to know your correct booth dimensions and used molded parts!

Special mats are charged by the square meter. The minimum charge is 1 square meter (mats under 1 m2 are charged with 1m2!).
Technical data of the steam bath heating mats
Nominal temperature: 150°C
Protective measure: RCD protection circuit with 30mA
Voltage: 230V
tested: VDE (heatsealing band)
Heat conductor distance: approx. 7.5cm


Structure as heating conductor with Teflon insulation 1.5 or 2.5mm2
Length: 4m and 4m + mat length

An electronic temperature limiter (heating controller) and a sensor protection tube are required!

298,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath heating mats

Heating mat for steam bath wall

270,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath heating mats

Sensor protection tube

149,00  inkl. MWSt.
120,00  inkl. MWSt.
270,00  inkl. MWSt.