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Steam bath technology from SOLEUM
After more than 20 years in steam bath construction, we have chosen a qualitative steam bath technology. Of course, qualitative steam generators also cost more than “Asian steam generators”. But in the longer term, you will enjoy it more.
SAMPLE OFFER for steam bath technology
Note our article steam bath technology prices. A sample steam bath equipment quote will help you detail what items are commonly used in a steam bath/shower.


Steam bath technology cost


We provide you with the appropriate recessed lights and LED technology for your steam bath. Important in the steam bath application is the voltage 12/24V and preferably IP 67-IP 68. Newest LED-AQUA ribbons in RGB-W technology you get ebefalls so as loudspeakers and other accessories.

Turn your tepidarium / steam bath into a SOLE inhalation cabin….
with our patented brine inhalation technology you can nebulize brine solutions and tea in your cabin.
What technical accessories are usually used for a steam bath?

Steam generator
Ceiling light (white light)
Colored light with colored light control
Running Speaker
Steam bath technology box
Optionally the sensational SOLE and TEE nebulization technology
Starry sky with Swarovsky crystals
RGB LED ribbons

Trust in our many years of experience in steam bath construction and also in the use of the most diverse technical equipment of a steam bath. We, too, have had our experiences with “less optimal” products. However, we only sell those articles that have proven themselves and that we ourselves have constantly in use!

1.490,00  inkl. MWSt.
25,00 130,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath technology

Steam bath loudspeaker SOLEX-S80


Steam bath technology

Steam bath technique box

1.410,00  inkl. MWSt.
149,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath technology

T-piece for fragrance injection

186,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath technology

Fragrance pump metering pump

298,00  inkl. MWSt.