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Steam bath moldings
Whether small shower cabins or up to larger steam baths – with our steam bath moldings or SPA modules you have versatile possibilities.

Here is a selection of:

Steam bath benches and seat shapes (can also be used for normal shower seats!)
Steam bath couches
Round showers
Snail showers
Molds for the construction of wellness facilities (hotels and also private wellness areas)
Columns and niches
suspended ceiling systems
all creative steam bath elements that are curved
…and much more!

The steam bath molding parts, especially the EPS seat molds, can be combined in any way, so that exciting shapes and steam baths can be created again and again – according to your requirements. However, the modules or molded parts can not only be used in the steam bath or steam shower, but are also ideal for use in drywall construction. Whether wellness area, living room or bathroom, curved, organic shapes are always eye-catching.
Advantages of the steam bath moldings

quickly built up (no bricklaying and dusting – saving of working time!)
easy to edit or change
Cost-effective (as a lot of working time is eliminated).

Do you have a creative idea for a very personal wellness facility – we create individual eye-catchers and feel-good rooms and wellness landscapes with our molded parts.

Steam bath benches

Corner seat for shower

720,00  inkl. MWSt.
2.590,00  inkl. MWSt.

Steam bath couches

EPS steam bath lounger FLAT

1,20  inkl. MWSt. minimum calculation is 70x200cm

Steam bath benches

Shower seat corner seat

270,00  inkl. MWSt.

Special shapes from EPS

Steam bath dome

240,00  inkl. MWSt. Price per m2
8,70  inkl. MWSt. in cm (minimum calculation is 70cm)

Special shapes from EPS

Steam bath niche


Special shapes from EPS

Steam platform

530,00  inkl. MWSt.
15,90  inkl. MWSt. in cm (Minimum calculation is 70cm)