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Steam generators for commercial steam bath and private steam bath

Whether small booth or larger plants. Whether commercial steam baths or private steam baths and steam showers, with normal heating rod technology or with high-quality electrode technology (electrode steam generator). We supply the right steam generator for your steam bath! The steam generator is the heart of a steam bath, if it is not working then your steam bath is also “out of order”.
Whether it’s a high-end unit that doesn’t need to be descaled or a low-budget unit for smaller booths, we can provide you with the right steam generator for your project.
But you can get not only the equipment – you can also buy the complete steam cabin from us. We have been a steam bath manufacturer for many years and have been exclusively producing steam baths in any desired shape.

Steam generators with electrode technology (electrode steam generators)
The operation of the immersion electrode humidifiers is based on a very simple physical principle: since normal tap water contains a certain amount of dissolved minerals, it is slightly conductive. If voltage is applied to the metal electrodes immersed in water, the electrical energy heats the water, which acts as a resistor, to the point of vaporization (Joule effect) and generates steam. The amount of steam generated is proportional to the electrical energy, which in turn is proportional to the water level.
The electrical energy is measured with a current transformer: If the water level is controlled by means of the inlet valve and the evaporation, the energy and thus the steam production can be precisely controlled. The water level must be replenished due to evaporation. Since steam does not carry minerals, the water increases its salt concentration and thus its conductivity. It is automatically and periodically diluted, i.e. automatically drained via the drain valve or drain pump and replaced by fresh water.
In addition, limescale builds up on the steam cylinder over time and must be cleaned or replaced. Despite the simple operating principle, a long-term reliable and operationally safe immersion electrode humidifier requires careful studies and long test phases. Compared to the complementary humidifiers with electric heating elements or gas humidifiers, these steam generators are characterized by:

lower acquisition costs;
feeding with drinking water (neither completely demineralized nor softened);
a periodic need for cleaning (or replacement) of the steam cylinder;
a steam modulation suitable for comfort or industrial applications without extreme control requirements.

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Steam generators

Temperature sensor TF 104

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