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Brine mist inhalation technique
Turn your tepidarium / steam bath into a SOLE inhalation cabin….
SOLE INHALATION and brine mist on the skin

The special feature of the Soleum is the cabin inhalation of the so-called “brine mist”.
Basically, brine is a salt-water solution. As a naturally occurring remedy from mining brine or brine springs, it is used therapeutically in spas in various concentrations – depending on whether it is for baths, inhalations or drinking cures.

SOLE inhalation technique Application possibilities

Respiratory diseases and diseases of the lungs, which only gradually worsen, are often hardly noticed for years.The inhalative use of brine solution (1% UNJODIED salt solution) has an anti-inflammatory, expectorant (expectoration by coughing up) effect and accelerates the healing of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.The prevention (prevention) of diseases of the respiratory organs and early diagnosis therefore play a crucial role. Therefore, brine inhalations are an effective treatment method for respiratory diseases.

This problem can now be solved by the combination innovation “SOLEUM®”. Therefore, brine is nebulized in the “SOLEUM®”, which makes an extremely positive contribution to the relief of the respiratory tract. UNJODIFIED salt from the pharmacy is very suitable for this purpose.

Initially, the soleum can be used as a conventional shower with seating comfort. In addition, it offers all the advantages of an infrared heat cabin. The special feature, however, is the generation of brine mist. As an alternative, medicinal teas or other inhalation solutions from the pharmacy can also be nebulized, upgrading the product novelty to a very private inhalation cabin.The nebulized brine is not only good for breathing. Salt on the skin increases sweating and purification. The skin is actually cleaned deep into the pores, cared for and the precipitated salt has an extremely positive effect on problematic skin.At the same time it forms a natural protection and supports the protective acid mantle of the skin.Through the infrared radiant heat emitted through the medium tile, the muscles are also relaxed and the circulation stimulated.

All these forms of bathing can be enjoyed in the SOLEUM®, which can be individually tailored to the respective personal wishes.

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