Steam bath bench T95 combination

Steam bath bench T95 combination

SO simple
build yourself a steam bath with a generous combination of a steam bath bench T95 which in turn is combined with the module BT.B GK in the steam bath seat T95.

This creates a couch in the rear area where both people can put their feet up.

You can find an overview of the available SPA modules in the SHOP of Soleum!

The counter contour of the steam bath seat is precisely adjusted

Production made in Austria – in Pregarten Upper Austria!

Order steam bath benches in SHOP

Shower seat

Shower bench BT.A

1,20  inkl. MWSt. by volume (LxDxH)

Shower seat

Shower seat BT.B

1,20  inkl. MWSt. by volume (LxDxH)
2,30  inkl. MWSt. volume calculation (qt)
3,90  inkl. MWSt. in cm (100cm is MINIMUM CALCULATION)

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