Shower seat for tiling

A shower seat for tiling is not only more aesthetic than a plastic shower seat (folding seat) but also offers more space!

For do-it-yourselfers or tilers:
Remember to install a shower seat in a shower for tiling. This is easier than ever with the SPA modules from SOLEUM!

Simply glue in the prefabricated shower bench (e.g. with assembly foam), cross-link, seal with the shower and then tile with the shower.

Already you have a great shower bench with more space than like the traditional shower seats.

You can refine your tiled shower seat if you heat it electrically. Matching heating mats are available which you or your tiler can fill in. The heating mat or surface temperature is controlled by a heating controller mounted outside the booth.

Advantages of EPS modular construction

  • quickly built up (no bricklaying and dusting)
  • easy to edit or change
  • Cost-effective (as a lot of working time is eliminated).
  • perfect base for the steam bath heating
However, the EPS modules or EPS molded parts can be used not only in the steam bath or steam shower, but are also ideal for drywall construction . Whether wellness area, living room or bathroom, curved, organic shapes are always eye-catching.
You can find an overview of the available SPA modules in the SHOP of Soleum!

The shower seat variants

The most popular shower seats are our shapes BT.A and BT.B. These differ in the form.

A few project examples….

Production made in Austria – in Pregarten Upper Austria!

Order steam bath benches in SHOP

Shower seat

Shower bench BT.A

1,20  inkl. MWSt. by volume (LxDxH)

Shower seat

Shower seat BT.B

1,20  inkl. MWSt. by volume (LxDxH)
2,30  inkl. MWSt. volume calculation (qt)
3,90  inkl. MWSt. in cm (100cm is MINIMUM CALCULATION)

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