Soleum Health

Soleum Health

Why is the SOLEUM healthier than a steam shower or steam room?

A steam generator produces superheated steam from below (water is heated to boiling point via a heating coil and then evaporates). This superheated steam generates the necessary heat in steam cabins and steam showers. The steam moisturizes the mucous membranes and sweating purifies the body. That’s all the steam can do!

Radiant heat through heating mats

In the SOLEUM the heat is generated by the heating mats (infrared radiant heat), the brine mist not only moistens the respiratory tract but the INHALATION also has an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, expectorant effect and accelerates the healing of the respiratory mucous membranes.

What temperature is reached in the Soleum?

In the Soleum, a temperature of up to 38°C is reached (depending on the size of the cabin and the heated surfaces). This, of course, you can and must regulate through the heating controller.

The temperature range around 38°C – 42°C (above blood temperature) is called “a healthy way of sweating” by medical experts.

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