Steam bath vent

Do I need a vent in the steam room?

A steam bath ventilation is mostly not necessary in our steam showers or even larger steam baths IF BUT ALSO EVERYTHING IS HEATED!

In the cabin, the moisture is completely dried up by the heating. However, it is recommended -as in all bathrooms- to open the window and provide proper ventilation. However, where there is no window, venting is highly recommended to prevent mold growth. Ventilate the bath as much as possible (open the door, keep the steam bath door shot).

In the object area the steam bath ventilation is however prescribed and by the frequent use naturally meaningful!

What about the residual moisture in the booth?

The water on the seat and on the walls is completely dried up inside by the heater. With comfort seats (reclining seats) a water drain must be installed anyway so that the water can also run off from the seat trough.

Even if you switch off the heating immediately after use, the booth cools down only slowly and thus dries up.


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