Soleum questions

Do you have questions about Soleum?

Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Soleum:

For how long is the brine solution in the supplied container sufficient?

The brine solution, or the liter that fits into our standard vessel, lasts for about 20 minutes.

How long should you inhale in the cabin?

Basically, you can safely enjoy the heat and brine mist bath for a long time. However, about 20 minutes is ideal.

How long does the SOLE last in the container?

For the duration of the nebulization about 20 minutes. We generally recommend that the brine solution
always fresh
always fresh. Do not take the brine solution again after one or more days because 1-3% brine solution is not sterile and germs can form!

How many times a week can you use the SOLEUM?

In principle, you can go to the Soleum every day. It is harmless and not as damaging to the circulation as a sauna.

What should be observed after use?

Rinse the nozzle with clear water for a few seconds after use. This prevents the clogging of the nozzle. With this short maintenance, our nebulizing nozzle is actually maintenance free. Do NOT manipulate the nozzle and nozzle tips (e.g. with a needle).


Why is there no problem with legionella with our SOLE fogging system?

Our system is based on air. Only the liquid contained in the acrylic container is nebulized into the booth. NO RESIDUAL WATER – or RESIDUAL SOLE remains in a line after fogging. This prevents the formation of germs or legionella!

Can I also enjoy music in the soleum / steam room?

Of course! We offer a special ceiling speaker, which you can wire to an external hi-fi system. This is glued to the steam bath ceiling and thus transmits the sound through the steam bath ceiling.


Brine fogging for steam bath

1.490,00  inkl. MWSt.

With our brine fogging (inhalation system) for steam baths and steam showers, you can fog brine solution and also various medicinal teas. This upgrades your steam bath or steam shower to a very private inhalation cabin – we have the most powerful brine fogging for steam bath!

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