Difference between steam bath and SOLEUM

What is the difference between steam bath and SOLEUM?

The basic structure of the cabin is always the same. Special waterproof insulation modules and benches od. Lying. In the steam bath, usually only those surfaces are heated with which you can come into contact (bench, floor, possibly wall side parts). In the SOLEUM, the cabin is completely heated (except for the valve position and controls). Of course, this also affects the price. Furthermore – and this is the eminently important part of this definition – a powerful brine nebulization technique (also called brine atomization, brine inhalation) is used!

But of course you can equip the steam bath with the brine inhalation technology! This works in the same way and would also be a “Soleum” in the broadest sense.

What is the maximum size of a soleum?

In principle, there are no limits to the size. Larger booths take longer to form the brine mist than smaller booths. One may consider the purchase of a second plant. Most of the time, however, you can get by with a fogging system. We also recommend the use of a steam generator for larger cabins, as the temperature can be selected even hotter.

Brine fogging for steam bath

1.490,00  inkl. MWSt.

With our brine fogging (inhalation system) for steam baths and steam showers, you can fog brine solution and also various medicinal teas. This upgrades your steam bath or steam shower to a very private inhalation cabin – we have the most powerful brine fogging for steam bath!

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